construction contractors reviewing bid details

Features and Benefits of our Construction Bid Software

PlanHub is a construction bid software and an online plan room that offers many different features explicitly made for General Contractors and Subcontractors. We understand the need for proper organization and bid management software tools to keep you moving forward efficiently on your projects. PlanHub is entirely cloud-based, meaning you can access your project files from anywhere.

Check out the following list of features to learn what PlanHub can do for you:

General Contractors

PlanHub Offers Many Features Created With General Contractors In Mind:

Free to Register

PlanHub is free to register for General Contractors

Send Invites

Invite specific Subcontractors in your network to bid on your construction projects

Post Unlimited Projects

At PlanHub, we value growth for General Contractors and subcontractors alike, that's why all General Contractors are free to post an unlimited number of projects

Unlimited Team Members

Add an infinite amount of team members to each of your construction projects

Activity Tracking

See who received each project invite. See who's bidding or not bidding on your construction projects. See who's viewed and downloaded your construction project files.

Bid Organization

Bids submitted online are automatically emailed and organized for easy management. Sort your bids by trades and pricing.

Instant Messaging

PlanHub has a built-in instant messaging application that lets you see who's online and instantly contact them

Subcontractor Database

General Contractors can see their very own private database of Subcontractors and view the complete profile of each company

Unlimited File Space

General Contractors have infinite file space for your projects in their very own dedicated plan room


PlanHub Offers Many Features Designed Specifically For Subcontractors:

Register for access to our Online Plan Room

Start with a free trial, then upgrade to quarterly or annual PlanHub Premier plan.

Bid on Construction Projects

Easily search, view, and download project files to bid. If you have been invited to bid on a specific project by the General Contractor, bidding for that project is 100% free

Customized Construction Project Relevancy

All project invites are filtered based on your trades and coverage area, so you only see the projects that are most relevant to your business

Out of Network Construction Bids

View other projects available to bid from General Contractors outside your network

Instant Messaging

PlanHub has a built-in instant messaging application that lets you see who's online and instantly contact them

Efficient Communication with the RFI Center

The RFI Center allows Subcontractors to ask important questions regarding your projects and you can choose to keep your response private or share with other Subcontractors

Bid Navigator includes all four of these tools:

  • PDF Blueprint Scanner - Quickly search all project PDF files, blueprints and specs by keyword to determine how relevant a project is to bid.
  • Personalized Project Notifications - Save your favorite keyword to your notifications, so you will be emailed all projects that include that keyword.
  • Bid Calendar - Manage and track your project invites all in one calendar view. Sync bid due dates with your preferred calendar.
  • Competitive Advantage Analytics – Keep a competitive advantage over other subcontractors that have received ITBs, viewed and downloaded projects, and number of companies bidding projects.

A Construction Bid Management Tool Created for Contractors

At PlanHub, we realize that having an affordable, dependable, and efficient construction bid software is essential for growing your General Contracting and Subcontracting business. That’s why we specifically designed PlanHub to cater to your every need and help you find contractors.

If you have questions on how PlanHub can help your general contracting or subcontracting business, please feel free to call (561) 656-4701 or contact us today.

construction contractors reviewing bid details
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