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At any time, you may adjust how often PlanHub sends you emails. Once you’ve adjusted your regions covered and trades, you’ll only ever receive an invitation to bid if a project matches up with those settings. Sometimes though, you want to rely on logging into PlanHub to browse what projects are available rather than getting an invitation to bid each time a General Contractor posts a project.

To adjust your email notification settings, you will want to login to your PlanHub account and then go to “Settings” located on the top menu bar, or by going to

On the settings page, you will find the “Notification Settings” just above the company section. Within this area, you will find toggle switches that will either turn on or off the different types of notifications. Switches that are green and to the right are active. To turn them off, you will switch them over to the left so that they turn grey. After switching, there is no need to press “Save Change” as the change is immediate.

Update on projects I’m bidding — Any time you receive an invitation to bid, you will receive any “Status Update” that one or more of the GCs connected to the project post. This includes but is not limited to bid reminders, addendums, trade removals, and updates, etc.

New Messages — If the GC responds to an RFI that you’ve posted on PlanHub, sends a message about a bid you’ve placed, or replies to a direct message, you will get an emailed notification. It is not recommended that this setting is turned off. You will have to actively log in and view the project page to see if a response was made to an RFI, go to “Messages” to locate any replies to direct messages and browse “My Bids” to see if the GC has any questions about your proposal.

Get invitations from GCs outside my network — With this setting active, you will receive automated invitations to bid emails from general contractors that don’t have you on their personal list of subcontractors when a project is posted that matches with the regions you cover and needs one or more of the trades that you’ve selected in your company profile’s settings. This will allow you to make new connections with General Contractors that you’ve never worked with before.

When I’m invited to bid on a project — Keep this setting on to ensure that you will get invitations to bid on projects from General Contractors that put you on their personal list of subcontractors.