Contacting general contractors or requesting more project information

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More often than not, you need to contact the General Contractor(s) connected to a project for various reasons. Whether it’s to request information about the project or to follow up on a proposal, each project page has two places and different options that you can use to reach out to a General Contractor.

If you are needing information about a project, the best place to request it is with the “RFI Center” located at the bottom of the project page. Each project overview page has one that is specific to that particular project. To submit a Request for Information (RFI), simply press the “Create RFI” button towards the lower right of any project page. Not only does this send the request to the general contractor that sent you the invitation to bid, but it goes to every bidding  General Contractor connected to the project. The first one to reply to the RFI satisfies the request and gets you the much-needed answer faster than just messaging one particular contractor.

Phone numbers for General Contractors and a “Send Message” button is also available in the “General Contractors” section of any project page if you would prefer to contact just one GC in particular.