Downloading Project Plans

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Every project on PlanHub is given its own specific page where you’ll locate basic information, trades needed General Contractor’s contact information, Project Files (Plans, Specs, etc.), and its own RFI Center.

To get to any project’s page, you have two different ways of getting there. You can use the invitation to bid email, or by browsing for a project through the PlanHub system.

Using the invitation to bid email you received is guaranteed the fastest way to get to a project page. Each invite includes a green link that reads “Click Here to View the Project”. If you’re already logged into PlanHub, clicking the link will take you directly to the Project Overview page. Just scroll down to the project files that the General Contractor provided when they uploaded the project to PlanHub.

Note: In the event that the General Contractor did not provide the documents that you need to build your proposal document, you will want to reach out to the General Contractor directly so that they can upload those documents or send them to you directly. There are also some companies that are posting projects that require you to reach out to them before they will provide bid documents.

If you don’t have the invitation to bid email available, you can always browse for the project after logging into your subcontractor account on PlanHub. After you’ve logged in, go to the “Projects” screen located on the top menu bar.

By default, the projects screen shows unfiltered results yielding every project in your selected regions covered. To find the project that you need to download plans for, you will just search the name of the project. We recommend searching just one name of the project’s name.