How to edit/make changes to a project

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After you’ve already posted a project on PlanHub, you are still able to make changes to the project’s information, bid due date, plan files, etc. This is very necessary as sometimes plans change and information about the project were overlooked when uploading the project to PlanHub.

First, you will want to login to you PlanHub account by going to — Often your computer keeps you logged in. When you first log in, it will take you to your “Projects” screen where you’ll see a list of all the currently active projects for your account in our system. Find the project you’d like to edit in this list and click the name of it.

Clicking the name of the project will take you to the Project page for that particular job. To make changes to the system information or to upload more Plans, you will want to click the green “Edit Project” button in the upper right-hand corner of this page.

Editing a project looks very much so the same as posting a new project. You’ll be able to navigate through the 4 steps to make the necessary revisions and uploading of new bid package documents. At any time during editing your project, you can press the “Save and Return to Project” button to save the changes and return to the project page on PlanHub.

It is recommended that after any change you make to your project that you send out a notification to the subcontractors via email. To do this, you will go back to that project’s page on PlanHub and use the orange “Post Update” button to the left of the edit project button. After you use this button, a status update will go out to all the subcontractors that got the first invitation to bid email and let them know whatever you type in the message box.