Following Up on Bids

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When actively bidding through PlanHub, it is a great idea to follow up with the General Contractors to see how well your proposal did after you placed a bid. The easiest and fastest way to touch base with the General Contractors about your numbers is by using the “My Bids” screen located on the top menu bar.

This screen shows every bid that you’ve placed in a conversation window separated by a general contractor. For instance, if you placed a bid through the project page and your bid was sent to five (5) general contractors by using the “Place Bid” button, you will see five (5) different chat screens for the same proposal.

You are able to create new messages in these chat windows on the “My Bids” screen. It’s a quick and easy way to create a new dialog about a proposal that you sent weeks prior, yet giving the General Contractor a quick reference in the conversation to refresh them on what bid you are asking about.