How to adjust which Invitations to Bid emails are sent to you

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General Contractors are posting bids every day on Each time that they’ve uploaded a project, invitations to bid are sent out to their personal list of subcontractors as well as PlanHub Plus and PlanHub Premier subscribers. PlanHub registered subcontractors will only receive an invitation to bid email when that project is within the region they cover and need the trade that they do.

Subcontractors that haven’t registered an account on PlanHub but are on a General Contractors personal list will receive every project’s invitation to bid email. Since that subcontractor’s email address hasn’t registered and lets the system know what regions they cover and what trades they do, they get every invitation to bid email unfiltered.

In order to filter invitations to bid, you will need to be registered as a subcontractor. If you haven’t registered and let the system know your “Regions Covered” and “Trades”, you can go to to complete registration. After you’ve registered, all future invitations to bid will be filtered. You will still receive “Status Update” emails for an invitation to bid email you had received prior to letting the system know your region and trade preferences.

If you have already registered but found yourself getting invitations for projects that need trades you don’t do or are in areas you aren’t willing to travel to, you can adjust your settings so that it limits which invites you to get. To do this, go to “Settings” located on the top menu bar and in the “Company” section you will find drop down boxes for both “Regions Covered” and “Trades”. After any adjustments you make, be sure to press the green “Save Changes” button below your company’s city and state.

Please note: If you register a different email address than the one that is currently receiving invitations to bid, this will not filter the invitations that are being sent to that email address. You will find yourself getting invitations to bid at two different email addresses. If you need to register a different email address than the currently receiving them, please contact customer support at 877-656-4706