How to place your bid and review bids

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After you’ve reviewed the project files and prepared your estimate, you will want to revisit the project page on PlanHub to place your bid. Most find it easier to hold onto the invitation to bid email they received in order to navigate to the project page to place their bid. If you haven’t kept a copy of the invitation, you may also go to “Projects” located on the top menu bar to search and locate the project page on PlanHub.

Once you have gotten to the Project’s Overview page for the project you’ve prepared a proposal for, you will see a green “Place Bid” button in the upper righthand corner of the project’s page. When you press it, the “Add Bid” window will appear.

Within this screen, you will upload your proposal document. The limit of files you can upload is 1-3. We suggest compressing your files into one zip file before uploading your documents if you have more than 2. Once you’ve uploaded your bid document, select your trade, enter your base bid amount, and leave a message for the General Contractors about to receive your proposal. Note: Only the upload document and trade selection are required. All other fields of information can be blank.

Once you’ve completed the form, press “Add Bid” and your proposal will be automatically sent to every selected General Contractor that is connected to the project on PlanHub. If you are a PlanHub Premier account holder and the project is within your plan’s radius, your bid will automatically go to any additional GC that is added after you place your bid.