Limiting Invitations to Bid

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PlanHub has many opportunities for construction job leads in our system. Nationwide General Contractors are posting projects that they’re looking for subcontractors to bid on. If you don’t have your settings set up correctly in our system, this can overwhelm your email’s inbox with invitations to bid and status updates on projects.

Getting Registered on PlanHub

Most that first start getting invitations to bid aren’t even registered in our system. “I’m getting emails! I am registered!” is a common thought process when working with new subcontractors getting invitations to bid. When a General Contractor puts you on their personal list and you haven’t registered an account and established your company’s profile, you will get every project invitation from that General Contractor regardless of where that project is located or what trades are needed. To “filter” or “screen” which invites are coming to you, you will want to register an account with PlanHub.

During registration, you will establish your contact information and the name and location of your company, but we ask you what trades your company does, and what parts of the United States that you’re willing to travel to – We call these Regions. After you’ve finished completing your registration, you will only get invitations to bid when a project needs one or more of your trades and the project is located within the region(s) you service.

Adjusting Notifications After Registering

At any time, you’re able to go to “Settings” located on the top menu bar of your PlanHub dashboard to change your regions covered and trades. Sometimes, it helps clear up your inbox of projects just a little too far from your service area than you thought, or maybe the trades listed on the invite that you do aren’t something you do anymore.

To adjust your regions covered and trades, you’ll just go to the company section of the “Settings” page so that you can revise that information.

Another way to limit invitations to bid is by using the “Notifications” area of the “Settings” page to limit the number of invitations, status updates, and types of invites you’re getting. Within the notifications area, you can adjust whether or not you want to get invites from only GCs who have you on their personal list or from GCs who do and don’t. GCs that have you on their subcontractor email list are within your network. GCs who don’t, are ou