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Adding a project on PlanHub is very easy and straight forward, and invitations to bid are automatically sent out to subcontractors who are in that project’s region and need one or more of the trades you select during the upload process. You will want to make sure that as much of the information about the project is available when you post it. More information equals fewer subcontractors needing clarification on project information before they’re able to submit a bid.

After you’ve logged into your PlanHub account and pressed the “New Project” button on your dashboard, you’ll be guided through four different steps to get your project added. You’ll see Basic Information, Project Details, Project Files and the finalize screen as you go through the process.

Basic Information

On the first step of posting a project, you’ll give your construction job a name, bid due date and time, location information, and the construction type.

Project Details

Step two outlines more information like the project’s type, building use, labor status, estimated start and completion dates, and more project description information. Square footage isn’t required in this section, but it does help a lot of subcontractors get to decide whether or not they’re going to bid at a quick glance.

Project Files

When you get to this screen, you will be able to drag and drop the project files, or bid package documents, and upload them to PlanHub. There is no limit on how many or how large the files can be. So, take advantage of this and upload as many files as you need to make sure that every subcontractor from every trade can quickly download plans to prepare an estimate. It’s a good idea to rename files so that different trades can quickly find documents that pertain to their scope of work.

In this step, you can select the different tabs for “Plans”, “Specs”, “General”, “Addendums”, and “RFI Response” so that you can upload files in the correct file folder. After you’ve uploaded your files, you will see them appear in the list below the drag and drop section so that if you need to relabel them as one of the different categories you can.


On the last step up posting a project for subs to bid on, you’ll be able to type in any special instructions that will be in the invitation to bid email as well as on the project page when they visit. Be sure to select which team member should be receiving a copy of the bids being placed, and select whether or not you only want subs you have on your personal list to be able to view the project and get invites, or if you would like both subs in our system as well as the ones on your list to receive an invite.

After you’ve completed the finalize screen, select the green button labeled, “Approve and Send Mail” so that your project gets posted and invites start to go out to subcontractors that match up with this project.