Requesting More Project Information

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As you review projects on PlanHub, you may have a particular question about the project that wasn’t included in the basic information or within the project files that the General Contractor had provided when they posted the project on PlanHub. Requesting that the information is very easy.

To do this, you will want to go to the project page and scroll to the bottom where you will locate the “RFI Center”. To the far right, there will be a green button labeled “Create RFI”. When you press this button a window will appear where you can send a message to all the GCs connected to the project and upload any document as a point of reference when asking your question. (Uploading a Document isn’t required on this screen.)

The first General Contractor to reply to your will satisfy your request for information allowing you to get your answer quickly. You may also access the General Contractor’s phone number located in the “General Contractors” section of the project page as well if you’d like to call them rather than submit a request through PlanHub.