Responding to RFIs

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Every project you post will have an RFI Center linked with it. This center is how you’ll be able to receive questions about the project from registered subcontractors in our system. They do have the ability to give you a phone call because that information will be posted, but some subcontractors prefer to use the RFI Center so that you are able to get back with them at your convenience.

As questions are posted with the RFI Center, you will receive an emailed notification letting you know that a new question has been submitted. You can choose to reply to the email to answer the question, or you can go to your project’s page and answer the RFI there.

Tip: If the subcontractor has asked a question that is commonly asked, you can choose to mark your reply to as public so that other subcontractors that may ask the same question get their answer without having to submit another RFI. This can help prevent having to answer the same question over and over.