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When using PlanHub, there are two different ways that you can save and/or remove projects from the “Projects” screen located at

Removing and saving projects can help you to quickly navigate to and from projects that you are actively bidding on while elevating projects that you have no interest in bidding.

The first way to save or remove a project will be to simply to use the “Bidding” and “Not Bidding” buttons that appear in the invitation to bid email you receive. It’s a quick way we have provided so that you don’t have to log in to PlanHub and navigate through the “Projects” screen. As long as you are logged into your PlanHub account on the computer you’re receiving invitations to bid on, this function works flawlessly.

The second way to save or remove projects is to use the heart icon or the trashcan icon underneath the “Action” column while on the “Projects” screen. When you press the heart or press “Bidding” in the invitation to bid email, it will save the project in the “Saved Projects” portion of the “Projects” screen. By default, when you first open “Projects” it shows you the “Find Projects” portion of the page.