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After you’ve posted a project on PlanHub and view the project overview page, you will always find at the bottom of the page an “Activity and Status Tracking” section automatically added to the project. This screen is only viewable by you and other members of your company team.

This section serves four major functions; to show you who’s received an invitation to bid,  to show you who’s visited the project’s page, to show you who’s downloaded plan files, and who are intending to place a bid.

These four different search views on activity on the project are meant to help you know not only how worthwhile it is to post projects in our system, but to help you fill gaps in your own proposal. It could mean being able to locate a new subcontractor to bid on a particular trade when no one else has placed a bid on it. Using this center, you’ll be able to not only filter and locate all the subcontractors of a particular trade who downloaded the plans but be able to submit them all a message at once asking them to place a bid.

Switching Between The Different Functions

Directly to the right of the words “Activity and Status Tracking” on the project page, you will find a drop-down box that by default reads, “Who’s Received ITB” and below you’ll find a list of subcontractor company names, contacts, and the date and time they received an invitation to bid. This allows you at a quick glance to know with certainty that invitations to bid were sent out.

If you wanted to view how many companies have visited your project page, downloaded plans, or intend to bid. Just click the drop down box that says, “Who’s Received ITB” and switch between the different views. As you do, the populated list of companies and names will update between the different search functions.

Filtering the Different Functions

Some companies download the plans but don’t submit a bid through PlanHub or indicate whether they’re going to bid or not. Sometimes you just really need someone to bid a particular trade because no one else has emailed you one directly or bid through the PlanHub. Whatever the case, here’s how you can use the activity and tracking to your advantage to find a subcontractor who had shown some interest in the project.

For any of the search functions, you can add trades that you’d also like to limit your search by. To the right of the drop down box to switch between the different search types, you will find a drop down box that’ll allow you to select trades. This will alter the populated list below so that only companies that have one or more of the matching trades to show.

It is recommended that you only search for one trade at a time with this function. As selecting more than one trade at a time would results in companies appearing that could have only one out of the many trades you’ve selected appearing.

Sending One Message to Many Subcontractors at Once

When you want to send a message to every subcontractor at the same time that would be within this projections region and trade, you always have the option to use the “Post Update” button to send every subcontractor form every trade a message. But! If you wanted to send a message to all the subcontractors of only one trade a message, you would want to use the filtered search results of the activity and tracking area of the project page.

After you’ve narrowed down your search by search function and trade, you can use the checkbox next to the subcontractors that you would like to send a message to all at once. After you’ve selected all the subs you want on a page, you will press the “Send Message” button next to where you filtered by trade. Type a message once, and then send it to multiple subcontractors.