What is PlanHub Premier?

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PlanHub Plus is the highest level of our premium subscriptions that allow you to open up access to projects in our system that are posted by General Contractors who don’t have you on their personal list of subcontractors and guarantee that every bidding GC in your PlanHub Premier radius will be unlocked to receive your proposal.

By default, PlanHub Basic only allows you to download plans and submit bids to General Contractors who have you on their personal list. Them having you on their list guarantees that you’ll never have to pay to access their projects. To unlock the ability to access projects posted by General Contractors who don’t have you on their personal list, you’ll want to upgrade to a Premium Subscription.

PlanHub Premier will give you access to download plans for any “Open Access” and all “Limited Access” projects within your Premier mile radius. With a Premier membership, you won’t have to worry about the General Contractor having you on their personal list and in the process, you’ll be able to make new relationships with General Contractors you’ve never worked with before.

PlanHub Premier is the only level of subscription that will unlock the General Contractor’s email address for projects within your plan’s mile radius, and send you a notification on projects you’ve bid on once PlanHub is notified of the awarded General Contractor.