contractors reviewing blueprints

Reviews of PlanHub's Construction Bid Management and Plan Room Software

“We benefit alot by making sure we are sending our proposals to all of the GC's that are bidding the specific job. We get direct ITB's from most of our customers, but it's always valuable to see "who else" is bidding the job so that we maximize our opportunity of winning the project.”

- Brannon from Contract Flooring Solutions

“I save time. In my industry, time is a huge factor. I can create a new project in the PlanHub system in less than 5 minutes. If ever I have a question or issue, I call the customer service rep and she walks me through. I appreciate the amount of subs that use it and sends me quotes through the site.”

- Tammy from KMD Construction LLC

“At the start it was helpful, as I continue to use it project after project. I find the same bidders now know who I am as a serious player in the construction market bid to me directly. Many times, I have an empty division where no one sent in a bid and PlanHub magically sends me what I need without having to call around for it.”

- Dennis from Burke Construction Group Inc.

“We are able to reach so many more subcontractors that are interested and actively participating in our projects. This has improved our ability to be extremely competitive while enabling us to forge new and lasting relationships with subcontractors.”

- Ruth from National Maintenance & Build Out Co.

“Overall, for the price you might as well have PlanHub. It is an additional tool to use that is extremely affordable—no strings attached. We are happy with our software.”

- Courtney from Access Demolition

“Overall, we like the information the product provides and look forward to seeing how the product grows over the coming months and years.”

- Tim from Gemstar Stoneworks

“With this platform, we can get our proposal out in a timely manner. It’s great to have a platform that has everything linked together. Easy to use and just makes bidding a joy.”

- Vincent from Sig Cox

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contractors reviewing blueprints
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