PlanHub’s Construction Project Bidding Solutions

At PlanHub, we understand that construction companies, new and old, need to be out in the field working on their projects as soon as possible, not just spending the majority of their time on the bidding process. That is why we designed a bidding construction program that streamlines the bidding process for both General Contractors and Subcontractors alike.

Over the years, we have seen commercial bidding websites come and go due to problems such as lack of humanized technical support, a massive price point that is unrealistic for small and medium-sized businesses, and poor organization management for construction bidding.

As a result, PlanHub was designed to be utilized small and medium sized construction professionals. PlanHub provides General Contractors and Subcontractors:

Affordable Pricing

PlanHub is always free for General Contractors. Subcontractors also can sign up for free with additional features available on premium packages.

Quality Technical Support

Our technical support is our number one priority. PlanHub’s call queue to insures a physical person always answer the call. Furthermore, there is in-app live chat support should you have a question or need assistance while using PlanHub.

Project and Bid Organizational Management

For General Contractors and Subcontractors, we created PlanHub to have easy project and bid organization. For General Contractors specifically, you can browse through your projects by trade, location, and other filters. Similarly, with Subcontractors, you can organize your bids by location, General Contractor, and other helpful filters. Additionally, the online plan room allows for maximized collaboration with unlimited file storage and unlimited team members.

Numerous Project Leads

As a subcontractor the more projects you have access to bid on, the better. With PlanHub, Subcontractors have access to search numerous projects in their area. This powerful construction project lead system allows the subcontractor to more easily find bid opportunities, so their business can grow at quicker rate.

Unlimited File Space

There can be quite a lot of documentation, blueprints, and spreadsheets that you may need to communicate to your subcontractors or suppliers for your construction projects. For General Contractors, you have an unlimited amount of file space for your blueprints, proposal’s, RFI’s, and any other documents that you may wish to store online for simplified collaboration.

Get Started with PlanHub

At PlanHub, we are confident that once you try utilizing PlanHub for your business that PlanHub’s construction bid management tools, online plan room, and customer driven experience, your business will grow.

If you have any questions on how to get started using PlanHub for your business feel free to contact us or call us at (561) 656-4701.

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