What to Look for in Construction Bid Estimating Software

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There is no need to be hammered down with consuming paperwork in generating a construction bid. Estimating software can save time and energy, and it can be just a point and click away. The trick is to find the right software to fit your needs. You want to look for essential features in estimating software to save you time, so you can make a fair and accurate bid to the contractor in charge. The estimating software should include the following:

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  • Have Cost Comparing Databases – These databases will have the latest prices for materials and equipment. Also, look for databases that include comparing labor costs, as subcontractors will also need this vital feature.
  • Allow Adjusting Estimates Using Instant Takeoffs – Takeoffs are imperative when it comes to changing estimates. Utilizing takeoffs will help determine the exact amount and cost of materials needed. These factors, along with the design plans, can present a better bid. Once you generate the proposal, locate projects that are in your service area while filtering out those that are not relevant to your services.
  • Include Blueprint Viewing and Editing Features – Many estimating software offer the ability to upload a design of the proposed project, which is usually in the form of a CAD or BIM file. After the project file is added to the system, you should be able to view and adjust within the system as necessary.
  • Allow Creating Integrated Reports – The process of creating a report is very time-consuming, so this will create a more accurate printout, as well as minimizing errors made during data entry. This will curate data into a more consumable format.

Other factors to consider when you purchase estimating software should be whether it has a mobile version available. This feature is highly useful, especially if you are onsite a lot and can’t get to a computer easily. With mobile availability, you can access estimate information and quickly and easily to make important, time-sensitive decisions with information in the palm of your hands.

Lastly, also look for software that offer 24/7 customer support. Contractors may work all times throughout the day, and you never know when a system may fail, and you need help.

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