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PlanHub is a free, cloud based application that allows general contractors to share project files and information with subcontractors. PlanHub is absolutely 100% FREE… There are no hidden fees and no upgrade charges!  At PlanHub we believe our service should always be free to General Contractors.

Construction Bidding Software and Online Plan Room - PlanHub

PlanHub is a construction bidding software and online plan room that is made specifically for general contractors and subcontractors to grow their businesses. At PlanHub, we understand that, for General Contractors, receiving as many qualified bids from subcontractors as possible is essential for your business. Likewise, for Subcontractors, having more projects to bid upon generates more opportunity to spend time working in the field fulfilling projects, rather than at your desk painstakingly figuring out where to get more construction leads. Also, once you begin a project, it’s critically important to stay organized and effectively communicate with all contractors involved. PlanHub acts as a quick and efficient bid management and plan room tool for General Contractors and Subcontractors so you can grow your businesses as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How Does PlanHub Help General Contractors?

PlanHub offers many features and benefits for General Contractors such as:

to Use

Bid Organization

Instant Messaging


Subcontractor Database

Unlimited Team Members for Each Company

Unlimited Storage and Sharing for Project Files

Most importantly, PlanHub is 100% free to register for General Contractors. This means you can post projects, share project files and details, and solicit your subcontractor’s bids with no charge.

General Contractors need a quick and efficient construction bid management and organizational tool in order to quickly post projects and gather bids in order to complete their work. With that in mind, we designed PlanHub to be easy to learn and user-friendly for General Contractors of all sizes.

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How Does PlanHub Help Subcontractors?

At PlanHub we understand that construction subcontracting is a competitive field to win bids. As a result, we created PlanHub to show the maximum number of relevant projects in your area. With more bid opportunities available, the chance for each and every subcontractor to win bids also grows. Our platform includes the following features:

Free to Register

Bid on Construction Projects

Project Filtering and Organization

Send RFI's to General Contractors

Furthermore, at PlanHub we understand that as subcontractor your time is precious. This is why every Project posted by General Contractors is reviewed by a PlanHub Project Coordinator to check for validity and accuracy in order to prevent erroneous, fake or duplicate content from being displayed.

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Dedication to Customer Service

At PlanHub, we understand that when you need technical support, you need it fast, that is why we implemented the live chat system and have dedicated personnel standing by should you need them. We are confident that whether you are a General Contractor or Subcontractor your business will benefit from utilizing PlanHub. If you have any questions regarding PlanHub and how it can help your business, then call us at (561) 656-4701 or contact us, and we will help you get started.

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Are you a General Contractor or Subcontractor in the construction industry that is looking for a bid management and plan room software for your business? We designed PlanHub specifically for General Contractors and Subcontractors. Sign up today for free!

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