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Our cloud-based pre-construction software is the most practical and cost-effective solution for every General Contractor, Subcontractor, and Supplier business.

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PlanHub is your all-in-one tool to bid on projects as a Subcontractor, and post contracts as a General Contractor, while sharing project files and important information on a cloud-based network you can access anywhere.

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Exchange important information, blueprints, plans, and other vital project files.

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Discover and bid on projects posted by local contractors.

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List new job opportunities for subcontractors and find the team you need fast.

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Construction Bidding Software and Online Plan Room - PlanHub

PlanHub is a construction bidding software and online plan room that is made specifically for general contractors and subcontractors to grow their businesses. At PlanHub, we understand that, for General Contractors, receiving as many qualified bids from subcontractors as possible is essential for your business. Likewise, for Subcontractors, having more projects to bid upon generates more opportunity to spend time working in the field fulfilling projects, rather than at your desk painstakingly figuring out where to get more construction leads. Also, once you begin a project, it’s critically important to stay organized and effectively communicate with all contractors involved. PlanHub acts as a quick and efficient bid management and plan room tool for General Contractors and Subcontractors so you can grow your businesses as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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Support on the Move

Because we use cloud-based solutions, our users are able to find all of the information they need, post their job listings, and bid on them all from the convenience of their computer. This means that finding work and looking for contractors has never been easier, and more organized. PlanHub is here to make the preconstruction workflow process easier for everyone involved. We’re here to help make those construction introductions for you.

We designed PlanHub to be easy to learn and user-friendly for General Contractors and Subcontractors of all sizes.

With this platform, we can get our proposal out in a timely manner. It’s great to have a platform that has everything linked together. Easy to use and just makes bidding a joy.


Sig Cox

We benefit a lot by making sure we are sending our proposals to all of the GC's that are bidding the specific job. We get direct ITB's from most of our customers, but it's always valuable to see "who else" is bidding the job so that we maximize our opportunity of winning the project.


Founder & C.O.O.

We are able to reach so many more subcontractors that are interested and actively participating in our projects. This has improved our ability to be extremely competitive while enabling us to forge new and lasting relationships with subcontractors.


National Maintenance & Build Out Co.

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