Construction Bidding Solutions for Subcontractors

At PlanHub we understand that both finding new projects and building relationships with General Contractors are paramount to becoming a successful subcontractor. With these thoughts in mind, we built PlanHub specifically to tackle these problems and others like them while offering other tremendous features as well:

Localized Bidding System

With PlanHub, you can bid on projects specifically in your service area and automatically filter projects that are not relevant to your business.

Online Plan Room

The online plan room allows you to accurately view and download relevant project files from the General Contractor, so you can have all the information needed to perform your construction tasks quickly and efficiently.

Increased Potential Projects

Having trouble finding construction projects in your area? PlanHub operates nationwide so you can see more construction projects in your area to place your bid.

New Relationships

PlanHub is an excellent tool for networking and building new relationships with professional General Contractors in your area. Contact the General Contractors by email or send an instant message to familiarize yourself with both the general contractor and the related project.


PlanHub is an affordable software that can be used for businesses small and large. Most online construction bid management software platforms can be too costly for a small business to utilize realistically. At Planhub, we understand that not every company can pay enterprise level prices for software. In response, we have created a free version and affordable pricing options for premium features to suit your specific needs.

Testimonials from Subcontractors

Interested in seeing what other subcontractors are saying about PlanHub? Feel free to browse through our client reviews and testimonials and look at their experiences utilizing PlanHub for their construction businesses.

“PlanHub is a great service and well worth the money. Their Project Coordinators are well connected feeding me promising leads all of the time. They deal with A-rated companies that actually pay their contractors in a timely manner. I would recommend it to anyone who is in business to develop long-term client relationships.”
– Millwood Plumbing

““PlanHub has proven time and time again., I have been awarded over 100 projects totaling well over 5 million dollars since I became a member. You need to bid at least five projects per month and act on the feedback your Project Coordinator gets for you. I would recommend to anyone.”
– Nuvolt Electrical

“My company has been using PlanHub for over two years and have had positive results from their services. I have found that of the bid services we use, the personal touch that is supplied to us from PlanHub is excellent. We have also referred a couple of other subs for different trades to them. Always find them to be very professional.”
– Architectural Metal and Glass Solutions

Ready to Bid on More Construction Projects?

PlanHub is a cost-effective solution for subcontracting companies across the nation. If you are hesitant or unsure if PlanHub is right for you, we offer a demo for businesses to give you a personalized look at how it can help your small business specifically. If you’re ready to get started on finding more construction projects in which you can quickly bid, then sign up as a subcontractor and get started on growing your business.

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