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PlanHub – The Fastest Growing Construction Bidding Site

The founder of PlanHub, Kevin Priddy, has over two decades of experience in the construction industry. Priddy was a concrete General Contractor and Subcontractor who sought to find a solution to the tedious bidding process construction that professionals face.

In 2009, EliteProNet was created to bring these professionals together in the construction industry, within a cloud-based platform. Even with this innovation, Priddy observed that General Contractors and Subcontractors need different processes regarding bidding, email sizes and the costliness of Dropbox file storage from year to year.

In 2015, PlanHub was crafted by Kevin Priddy and Kyle Conlan. The new project management software now caters to General Contractors and Subcontractors. The PlanHub software is embedded in an app and is free for all users. Not only is it a simple application to use, it’s becoming one of the leading project and bid management apps today.

Who Needs PlanHub?

PlanHub is the ideal project and bid management app for General Contractors and Subcontractors. This software is nationwide, meaning that a small construction team or vast conglomerate can easily use the app for any type of project.

Our goal is to promote growth among businesses looking for a solution to organize construction projects and bidding on future projects as well. A demo is readily available if you are looking to try out PlanHub today!

PlanHub’s Mission, Values, and Philosophy

Our Mission

PlanHub is dedicated to linking contractors across the nation by facilitating the project management and bidding process through outstanding accountability, assistance, and advancement.

Our Values

  • Vision: Spearheading the charge for construction project and bid management software.
  • Focus: Motivated to better our services through determined efforts.
  • Integrity: Honesty is the best policy with our users and colleagues.
  • Teamwork: Success is measured by collaborative thinking.
  • Communication: Open communication to sharing new ideas and providing constructive criticism.
  • Respect: Treating every person in the highest regard.
  • Performance Excellence: Always researching and implementing the best methods.
  • Accountability: Fulfilling the needs of users and only producing high-quality results.

Our Philosophy

Your needs are our top priority so that we can provide the best experience possible. Our services reach far beyond standards in the industry through our level of communication, service, and dedication. The PlanHub team is committed to the success of each member, every day and every time.

Our Commitment to Construction Customers

Providing great assistance is important to us. If you are having difficulty with the PlanHub management software, please call us and a team member will personally resolve any issues. In fact, calls that enter the queue that bypass our representatives may be addressed directly by our CEO!

Our team members work closely with veteran employees in order to provide first-rate expertise. We strive to provide exceptional support to all General Contractors and Subcontractors.

contractors evaluating project
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