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With over 20 years of experience working in the construction industry as a concrete subcontractor and a general contractor, Kevin Priddy has a unique understanding of the pains that come with the bidding and estimating process for construction jobs from both sides of the aisle. Utilizing this knowledge combined with his talent for networking, Kevin built a cloud-based software explicitly designed to find construction projects and utilize them in an easy-to-use and inexpensive lead format. This business resulted in the creation of EliteProNet in 2009 which helped thousands of subcontractors land new business through the EliteProNet platform.

While working with EliteProNet, Kevin noticed that every general contractor had a different method of sharing their bid opportunities with subcontractors. These methods varied anywhere from emails that had size limits, FTP programs which can be complicated to use, and file sharing services such as Dropbox which can cost the user thousands of dollars per year depending on the volume usage. Since there was no standard organizational bid management software for general contractors, in 2015, Kevin Priddy and Kyle Conlan decided to make an organizational bid management software for subcontractors and general contractors resulting in the creation of PlanHub.

Since then, PlanHub has become a user-friendly construction app that general contractors can quickly check a few times daily for an update on projects they have posted or files they have shared with their subcontractors. They also made the app completely free for subcontractors to bid projects from their general contractors. By doing so, PlanHub has centralized and streamlined the bidding process making PlanHub the go-to application and easily the fastest growing bid management and project plan room in the United States.

Who Does PlanHub Serve?

PlanHub serves general contractors and subcontractors across the nation as a centralized construction bidding management application. PlanHub also serves general contractors and subcontractors of all sizes, whether it is a small local team or a large corporation, PlanHub is here to help your construction business grow.

With growth in mind, we understand that switching over to a centralized organizational bid management software can be a huge change for companies of all sizes. That’s why we offer demos for companies curious about making a change but are not ready yet for a full commitment.

PlanHub’s Mission, Values, and Philosophy


PlanHub is committed to providing contractors nationwide with the best means to connect. We are determined to be the number one source to facilitate the bidding process by delivering exceptional service, accountability, and innovation.


  • Vision – Be the leader in construction bidding software.
  • Focus – Focus on what we do best and be the best.
  • Integrity – Always be honest with our customers and our peers.
  • Teamwork – By working together, we exponentially achieve more.
  • Communication – We share our ideas and feedback openly and constructively.
  • Respect – Embrace diversity in ideas and approaches, as well as treating everyone with care and concern.
  • Performance Excellence – Be driven to attain the highest level of performance in everything we do.
  • Accountability – We do what we say, fulfill our obligations and deliver results.


We believe our service should exceed industry standards and be the best value for the customer. We put our customers’ needs first and will secure their loyalty by providing the highest level of service. We know what we do well, and we will continue to do it even better. With ethics at our forefront, we know that every member of our team is valuable and important to our success and we will treat each of them as family.

Dedication to Our Construction Customers

At PlanHub we understand that when you need help and support on your bidding management software, you need that help immediately, which is why we have designed an approach to ensure that your concerns get addressed on the first call by our team. Every incoming call is routed through a call queue that ensures a physical person always answers the call. If all representatives are busy that call goes to tier 2 of our organization and continues that process all the way up to the CEO, ensuring the longer it takes you to get help, the more qualified the person is to help you. Furthermore, every customer is serviced by a team of representatives, which means any representative of the company can service every customer. During the initial training process, each new team member works with veteran employees in every job role for a specified period, so they have a good understanding of each position. It also allows the new employee a level of knowledge to help a customer in almost every capacity.

In short, at PlanHub we are 100% dedicated to providing general contractors and subcontractors the highest quality of customer support on the market.

Call us at (561) 656-4701 or contact us today if you are a general contractor or subcontractor in the construction business and have questions on how PlanHub can help your business.