Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Our Construction Bidding Application

How do I find the General Contractors email address?

Email addresses for General Contractors are only publicly available for premium members. If you are not a premium member, navigate to the project details and click Send Message under the General Contractors name. This will send a direct message to the General Contractor but will hide their email address for privacy.

Do you have any technical resources and documentation?

Technical guides and resources will be provided during the sign-up process. If you need immediate assistance, feel free to contact our responsive support team at (561) 656-4701.

Do I need to switch over from my current construction bid management software to use PlanHub?

Not at all, PlanHub can be used in addition to your current bid management software. However, we are very confident that you will want to switch over entirely to PlanHub once you experience the low price and increased construction projects to post and bid.

Is PlanHub a downloadable package or an online platform?

PlanHub is cloud-based software. There is nothing to download and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This means that all information is accessible from anywhere for your convenience. At PlanHub, we pride ourselves on the usability of our bid construction software.

Is PlanHub meant for small and medium sized businesses, or just enterprise level?

PlanHub is explicitly designed for small and medium-sized construction professionals. At PlanHub, we understand that General Contractors and Subcontractors need an easy-to-use bid management software so they can post and bid on construction projects to get their jobs done as quickly as possible.

Does PlanHub specifically cater to small businesses in any way?

PlanHub was designed for easy usability, so subcontractors new and old can quickly learn how to use PlanHub. Furthermore, our affordable pricing plans are perfect for small businesses across the US and Canada. If you are curious whether or not PlanHub is right for you contact us and request a free demo!

Is PlanHub local, nationwide, or global?

PlanHub currently services all of the United States with plans to expand into Canada in 2019.

How can PlanHub help me as a General Contractor?

PlanHub helps General Contractors get more bids on your posted construction projects and find quality subcontractors quickly and efficiently with no cost. PlanHub also offers many more time-saving features and benefits for general contractors.

How can PlanHub help me as a Subcontractor find and bid on construction projects?

PlanHub can help a subcontractor grow their business exponentially by exposing them to new construction bid opportunities. Furthermore, PlanHub allows subcontractors to receive all their bid opportunities in one easy-to-use dashboard, and their bids can be submitted online to all General Contractors.

What type of projects does PlanHub cover?

The majority of construction projects posted on PlanHub will be commercial new construction or tenant fit-outs and renovations. For example, banks, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, office buildings, and gas stations are all types of projects you would see listed on PlanHub. There are also many public and government projects available including schools, fire stations, parks, police stations, and libraries. A smaller minority of construction projects will include residential homes and multi-family complexes. At PlanHub the list of projects grows every day. Sign up and post your constructions projects for bidding or see what construction projects you can bid on today!

Is any training available through PlanHub?

We do offer training on our plan room software upon request. You can contact (561) 656-4701, click Live Help Chat, or click Request a Demo at any time during business hours for live training.

Does PlanHub have a Demo?

Yes, we offer a demo to anyone upon request. There is a Request Demo button at the top of each subcontractor’s dashboard.

Are there any additional costs for downloading plans, blueprints, or other general specs?

No, there is no cost to download any project files to projects you’ve been invited to bid. To access additional, non-invited projects and their files requires a premium membership.

How do I register for an account?

Click the links corresponding to your business, and you will be directed to our sign-up form.

Sign Up as a General Contractor Sign Up as a Subcontractor

How much do your products/services cost?

PlanHub has free version called PlanHub Basic which provides many great features such as being able to receive invites from your General Contractors, access to plans and documents, and the ability to submit bids. PlanHub also has more robust premium packages that offer many additional features and benefits. PlanHub Plus costs $469 per year and offers additional features such as RFI’s, Instant Messaging, and Project Updates. Finally, our premium plan called PlanHub Premier starts as low as $59 per month with even more features such as the ability to receive invites from all General Contractors and access all projects.

Currently, the most popular plan is PlanHub Premium 100 Mile Radius at $99 per month. Plan prices increase based on the mile radius of the plan coverage area. If you have questions regarding pricing, please feel free to view our How to Sign Up page to learn more.

How many projects are usually available for bid?

On average at any given time, there are over 5,000 construction projects available to bid on PlanHub’s construction project bidding software nationwide. For the average user that covers a 100-mile radius, you can expect 15-20 bid opportunities each month. That number can widely vary based on location. A subcontractor in a high-density area could see 50-100 construction projects per month; whereas, a subcontractor in a rural, low-density area may only see 5-8 projects per month.

What forms of payment do you take?

All major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, are accepted.

Who should I call for technical support?

For technical support call 866-PlanHub or (561) 656-4701 during business hours. You can also email for all technical questions.

How do I zip files on a PC and Mac?

When using PlanHub as a general contractor, subcontractor or supplier, it’s important to zip files together for easy access and organization. There are important benefits to each user for zipping files together.

General Contractor: 

Zipping files together is beneficial to a General Contractor, because subcontractors will be able to download the project files more quickly and easily. There will reduced calls to the general contractor asking where to find a specific file or trade in the project. If there are multiple project files that are not zipped together when uploading a project to PlanHub, then a subcontractor may spend more time trying to shift through 100+ files, instead of spending more time creating an estimate for  you. If you are a GC, it’s best to zip your files together for better organization so you will gather more bids faster.

Subcontractor or Supplier:

Subcontractors and suppliers also have a benefit to zipping their files together. If a sub or supplier zips their bid files together, the general contractor viewing your bid will be able to download your files quickly and easily. General Contractors viewing your bids will appreciate the organization from you, and will be able to respond more quickly to any inquiries.

How to zip files together on a PC or Mac:

Not sure how to zip files together? Check out this article.

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