Construction Bidding, Planning, and Other Solutions for General Contractors

We know General Contractors need access to bidding opportunities and easy-to-use pre-construction project software. At PlanHub, we’ve created a simple online platform that puts you in control. PlanHub offers construction bidding, planning, and other solutions for General Contractors.

Our Solutions

Bidding Hub

Detailed software catered for bidding on different projects and/or information needed to post bids.

Simple Bid Access

Search for bids with our organization system based on bid type, location, etc. for each project.

Bid Analysis

Evaluate the quality and coverage of bids from other Subcontractors.

Track Your Bids

Always know the status of your bids (i.e. who bid on your project, if an invite was received, downloaded files and more)


Download and view documents and blueprints for every project.

Post Private Projects

General Contractors can post private projects within PlanHub, in order to receive bids.


At PlanHub, we are dedicated to providing your business with construction estimating software to manage your next project. Hear first hand what users have to say about using PlanHub.

“PlanHub has helped us streamline the entire bidding process from start to finish with faster posting times and better bid coverage on our projects! We have also made lots of great relationships with new subcontractors around the country!”

Greg Angel

Alliance Retail Construction Inc.

“Our company needed a good platform for posting our projects to subcontractors nationwide, and PlanHub has been the perfect choice! Posting projects and getting bids has never been easier!”

Louise Garrity

Go Green Construction

“PlanHub has become a normal part of our bidding process, and we could not imagine posting projects without it. This is an easy to use system that facilitates the entire bidding process!”

Jennifer Rinne

Fulcrum Construction

“Planhub has the made the bid process so EASY for us as a general contractor! We love that Planhub has increased our bid coverage with good quality subs, given us more time in our day with the quick and easy software for posting jobs and tracking bids, and it’s Free!”

Suzanne Corey

Qualified Builders Inc.

“Cloud Construction Management has found PlanHub to be an invaluable tool in our digital preconstruction arsenal. As we continue to innovate and define what it means to be a cloud-based construction company, tools such as PlanHub have drastically expanded our subcontractor database and allowed us to extend bid invitations in ways never thought possible under the traditional construction management model.”

Spencer Pursley

Cloud Construction

“We are so happy with the response we get from the subcontractors on PlanHub! Their system makes it so easy to get maximum exposure and bid coverage on all of our projects!”

Phyllis Zinn

CBI General Contractors

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Do You Need General Contractor Solutions?

It is important that you are provided with the tools to grow a successful business. PlanHub is here to assist you on your next construction project. Contact us today to learn how you can get started!

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