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How PlanHub Works For Construction Contractors

PlanHub is a cloud-based bid management application that facilitates the bidding process during the pre-construction phase of construction projects. It’s a free way for general contractors to share project files, communicate with multiple subcontractors at once, and receive bids to get their proposal together.

How PlanHub Works For General Contractors

PlanHub acts as a construction bidding platform and online plan room for General Contractors. When interacting with General Contractors, we have noticed the following trends when they utilize PlanHub:

Increased Bids

The average bid invite sent through PlanHub goes to over 4,000 registered Subcontractors. This increases the number of construction bids a General Contractor might receive on each scope of work.

Lower Construction Costs

The additional bids increase competition and, as a result, typically lower the General Contractor’s construction costs. Thus, the odds the General Contractor gets selected to build a project increases and profitability is maximized.

Amplified Business Growth

A General Contractor could bid on projects outside their normal construction area by utilizing PlanHub’s network of Subcontractors. They could establish new Subcontractors in those areas by posting projects on PlanHub.

Track Project Interest

Bid activity tracking allows the General Contractor to see every Subcontractor that viewed or downloaded their project, indicating project interest. PlanHub organizes that information in an accessible format for that General Contractor to reach out directly if desired.

How PlanHub Works For Subcontractors

At PlanHub, we understand that Subcontractors need to spend more time in the field completing projects than at a desk performing bids. With this in mind, we designed PlanHub so that Subcontractors have organized access to project files, instant messaging to General Contractors, and have a wider pool of projects in which to choose. With these features and a focus on the Subcontractors' needs, we are positive that PlanHub can help increase your subcontracting business and streamline the construction bidding process.

For example, A PlanHub Premier Subcontractor would expect to see 15-20 bid opportunities inside their coverage area monthly. Assuming that the Subcontractor was aggressive and bids 10 of those opportunities and was awarded 20% of what they bid. All for the investment of a low cost with the Premier Plan!

With the number of projects available to bid at an affordable price, it’s no wonder that PlanHub is the fastest growing bid management and construction plan room in the United States.

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Interested in learning more about what PlanHub offers to construction businesses? PlanHub offers many features for General Contractors and Subcontractors such as a centralized bidding platform, file sharing for projects, and much more.

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contractors discussing bids
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