contractor and subcontractor reviewing pricing

General Contractor Pricing

The PlanHub software is always FREE to use for General Contractors.

Subcontractor Pricing - PlanHub Premier

Subcontractors have access to our platform free on a trial basis. After this trial period ends, Subcontractors can choose an annual subscription at a discounted rate by signing up for our Premier Mileage plan.

Choose the maximum distance you are willing to travel to projects. The larger mile-radius you choose, the more projects you have access to view and bid on projects in those areas.

Plan Milage

Annual Pricing

50 Miles

Premier 50

$1,199 Year


100 Miles

Premier 100

$1,299 Year


150 Miles

Premier 150

$1,499 Year


200 Miles

Premier 200

$1,699 Year


500 Miles

Premier 500

$1,999 Year


1000 Miles

Premier 1000

$2,899 Year



Premier Unlimited

Starting at $3,699 Year


Contact Us for Customized Pricing

Premier Members Can Expect:

Full plan room access and full GC bid list on projects.

Receive individual invites or a daily summary report from all GCs in and out of network.

View and download plans, specs, bid documents from all GCs.

Online bid submission to all bidding GCs on a project.

Receive exclusive project status updates.

Bid Navigator: a suite of three tools that will help you bid competitively, search projects most relevant to your business, and stay organized:

  • Competitive Advantage Analytics
  • PDF Blueprint Scanning
  • Personalized Project Notifications
  • Bid Calendar

If you have any questions about our mileage-based premier plan, feel free to send us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

contractor and subcontractor reviewing pricing
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