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General Contractors

PlanHub is completely FREE to General Contractors for posting projects.

Subcontractors - PlanHub Premier

Subcontractors have access to our platform free on a trial basis. After your trial period ends, you can choose an annual subscription by signing up for the PlanHub Premier plan that best meets your needs.

Plans can be selected based the maximum distance a Subcontractor is willing to travel for jobs. The larger mile-radius you select, the more projects you'll have access to view and bid on!


Annual Pricing

Premier 50

50 mile area



Premier 100

100 mile area



Premier 150

150 Mile area



Premier 200

200 Mile Area



Premier 500

500 Mile area



Premier 1000

1,000 Mile area



Premier Nationwide

US Nationwide

Starting at $3,699/Year


Premier Members Can Expect:

Full plan room access and full GC bid list on projects.

Receive individual invites or a daily summary report from all GCs in and out of network.

View and download plans, specs, bid documents from all GCs.

Online bid submission to all bidding GCs on a project.

Receive exclusive project status updates.

Bid Navigator: a suite of tools that will help you bid competitively, search projects most relevant to your business, and stay organized:

  • Competitive Advantage Analytics
  • PDF Blueprint Scanning
  • Personalized Project Notifications
  • Bid Calendar

If you have any questions about our mileage-based premier plan, feel free to send us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

contractor and subcontractor reviewing pricing
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