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Construction Bidding Software Built for Suppliers

With every construction project, bringing in suppliers to provide building materials, on-site facilities, and other on-site necessities is an essential step. At PlanHub, in addition to supporting general contractors and subcontractors, we also provide suppliers direct access to bid on commercial construction project opportunities. This allows subcontractors and suppliers to come together on projects in one place, making it easier to collaborate during every phase.

PlanHub’s Construction Bidding and Plan Room Solutions for Suppliers

Loaded with numerous time-saving features, our PlanHub platform is built to make your life as a supplier easier and more organized. Providing you the capability to access and submit bids on construction projects in your targeted area, PlanHub is designed to help you grow your business.

Create Takeoffs on Supplies Needed

Using PlanHub’s construction bid software, suppliers and vendors can search through supply requests, create takeoffs, and bid on construction projects that best fit their scope of services provided.

Gain Instant Access to Measurements and Plans

With PlanHub’s online plan room, suppliers can access and download blueprints and other files necessary in order to accurately provide the supplies and materials required to complete construction projects.

Select Trades Based on Supplies Available

With PlanHub’s construction bidding software, not only can you quickly and easily find projects located in your specific service area, you can also search for and select trades based on the supplies/materials you have readily available.

Bid on Local Projects with Our Centralized Construction Bidding Hub

Growing your business with PlanHub is simple. With our construction bid software, you can easily gain access to bid on local construction projects by using advanced filters to search for projects within your desired service area.

Leverage Convenient Planning and Communication Software

With our construction bid software and online plan room, suppliers and vendors can quickly and effortlessly connect with general contractors via PlanHub’s built in instant messaging application. By using PlanHub’s planning and communication system, you can quickly ask questions and discuss project details with vital members of the project.

Upload Project Estimates

After receiving all the necessary project information via our construction bidding and planning software, suppliers and vendors can then get to work on creating an accurate estimate. After creating and finalizing the project estimate, easily upload the estimate to PlanHub to start submitting (and winning!) bids.

Support for Specialty Vendors

With PlanHub’s solutions, even specialty vendors are supported so subcontractors and general contractors can get access to dumpsters, trailer rentals, Porta Potty delivery, and other on-site necessities. By bringing all of these moving parts together, PlanHub can help you save time and money!

Grow Your Business with PlanHub

Our goal is to make the construction process easier and more efficient for everyone involved, from general contractors and subcontractors, to suppliers and everyone in between. By adding functions for subcontractors, suppliers, and specialty vendors, we make PlanHub your one-stop shop for every phase of your next construction project, big or small.

To learn more about PlanHub’s construction bidding and plan room solutions, or to sign up for PlanHub to access free construction leads and start bidding, contact us today!

Find Commercial Construction Project Leads Online

PlanHub is designed to help subcontractors and suppliers easily find and bid on commercial construction project leads. Feel free to use PlanHub to search for commercial construction projects in your state.

suppliers consulting on bid
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