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Here at PlanHub, our award-winning construction bidding software was built with general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in mind. As the most practical and cost-effective cloud-based solution, Planhub is designed to promote growth among businesses and link subcontractors and general contractors across the country by aiding in the search for commercial construction projects and free construction leads.

At PlanHub, one of our main priorities is to facilitate the construction project management and bidding process. As the fastest-growing source of construction bidding information in the United States, we strive to help subcontractors and suppliers find free construction leads. Check out the map below to find construction projects available in your state. All commercial construction projects shown on PlanHub are created and posted by general contractors and verified for accuracy.

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Within the map above, you’ll find hundreds of construction projects, varying from smaller, local jobs to large, complex commercial construction projects. If you are a subcontractor or supplier looking to bid on commercial construction projects, simply select your desired state to view commercial construction projects in your local area. For each construction project listed in your specific state page, you will find the project name, description, location, and bid date provided, as well as more information about the construction industry and outlooks within your state. You can view further details about each commercial construction project by clicking “View Project.”

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If you are ready to start bidding on available commercial construction projects within your state, you can register your company, select your trades and coverage area, and start receiving an invitation to bid on each new available bid opportunity which meets your prespecified criteria! For more information about our software and its features and benefits, or if you have any questions regarding the above map and listed commercial construction projects, feel free to contact our responsive support team!

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At PlanHub, we always want to offer our subcontractors, suppliers, and general contractors the best service possible and are dedicated to keeping our system updated with numerous construction leads available for you to choose. If you are a General Contractor and would like to have your projects listed within your state page, please sign up for a free General Contractor account and contact our team today. We will promptly help you get started posting your construction projects!

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With our award-winning, cloud-based pre-construction software, we strive to help ease the construction bidding and project management process for general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers across the nation. To learn more about PlanHub’s features and benefits for your company, check out our General Contractors, Subcontractors, or Suppliers pages. For more information regarding pricing or to request a demo, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We look forward to helping you with your next construction project!

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