Bid on Commercial Construction Leads for Subcontractors

PlanHub’s goal is to provide direct access to bid on commercial construction project opportunities, as well as assist subcontractors in fostering quality relationships with general contractors and other construction professionals. At PlanHub, we combine construction lead opportunities, project planning details, and a responsive technical support team in one convenient tool making it the ideal solution and one of the fastest growing construction bidding solutions for subcontractors on the market.

PlanHub’s Construction Bidding and Plan Room Solutions

Our PlanHub platform, built for subcontractors, is loaded with convenient features that make your life as a subcontractor easier and more organized, as well as provides direct access to bid on new construction projects in your targeted geographic area.

Bid Navigator:  Maximize Your Efficiency

Our Bid Navigator suite is available now on your projects page. It's designed to save subcontractors valuable time and maximize bidding success. Bid Navigator will only be available to Premier users, and have the following four core features included:

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PDF Blueprint Scanning – Save hours of time by quickly searching all project file PDFs for relevant trade-specific keywords using our PDF deep document scanning technology.  

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Personalized Project Notifications - Receive email notifications when your favorite keyword is found in a newly posted construction project to bid.

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Competitive Advantage Analytics – Enable the Competitive Advantage Analytics feature to view how many other subcontractors have received the invitation to bid (ITB), viewed the project, downloaded files, and submitted bids — all on that specific project.  Benchmark the competition and assess how aggressive your bid should be and where to spend your bidding efforts.

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Bid Calendar – View all upcoming project bid deadlines and project invites in a single, organized calendar view. Keep track of bid date deadlines and integrate bid calendar syncing with your preferred calendar system. Never miss an opportunity to bid on a project.

Benefit from Affordably Priced Lead and Plan Room Software

Regardless of your company’s size, small or large, PlanHub has packages available tailored to your needs, service area, and budget.  We also offer a FREE trial to our subcontractors before signing up with a mileage plan subscription.  Our mileage plans allow you to see and bid on projects within your targeted service area.

Grow with Our Centralized Construction Bidding Hub

Construction project bidding has never been so simple for subcontractors.  With PlanHub, you can easily search for projects with advanced filters to get access to bid on construction projects depending on your construction trade and desired service area.

Fill Your Pipeline with Future Construction Projects

Subcontractors must always have a pipeline full of future projects.  With PlanHub, subcontractors can easily see future projects coming down the pipeline with specified bid deadlines. Subcontractors can then bid on multiple construction projects based upon proximity and locate other construction projects for future growth potential.

Leverage Robust and Convenient Planning and Communication Software

PlanHub goes beyond just project bidding.  General contractors can communicate with subcontractors and vendors via PlanHub’s convenient planning and communication system.  All members of the project can view and download documents or files necessary to complete projects.

Forge Key Relationships within the Construction Industry

PlanHub helps you grow your construction network.  With built in bidding and communication tools, you can network with general contractors and other subcontractors in your area which leads to increased visibility for your company and future project collaboration.  Use PlanHub to connect quickly via instant messaging or emails sent through PlanHub’s software.

Grow Your Business with PlanHub

All of our tools, software, customer support team, and large network of subcontractors and general contractors exist for one purpose – to grow your business!  Use PlanHub’s bidding and plan room solutions to start growing your business today.  Sign up for PlanHub to access free construction leads and start bidding today!

Subcontractor Reviews of PlanHub

“PlanHub is a great service and well worth the money. Their Project Coordinators are well connected feeding me promising leads all of the time. They deal with A-rated companies that actually pay their contractors in a timely manner. I would recommend it to anyone who is in business to develop long-term client relationships.”

Millwood Plumbing

“PlanHub has proven time and time again., I have been awarded over 100 projects totaling well over 5 million dollars since I became a member. You need to bid at least five projects per month and act on the feedback your Project Coordinator gets for you. I would recommend to anyone.”

Nuvolt Electrical

“My company has been using PlanHub for over two years and have had positive results from their services. I have found that of the bid services we use, the personal touch that is supplied to us from PlanHub is excellent. We have also referred a couple of other subs for different trades to them. Always find them to be very professional.”

Architectural Metal and Glass Solutions

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Find Commercial Construction Project Leads Online

PlanHub is designed to help subcontractors easily find and bid on commercial construction project leads.  Feel free to use PlanHub to search for commercial construction projects in your state.

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