Construction Bidding Solutions for Subcontractors

Our goal is to assist Subcontractors in fostering quality relationships with other construction professionals, as well as to access project opportunities. With PlanHub, we put all of your construction projects and helpful technical support in one convenient place making it the ideal construction bidding solutions for Subcontractors.

Our Solutions

Affordably Priced

We offer a FREE trial to our Subcontractors before signing up with a premier mileage plan subscription. Additionally, we have premier mileage plans available with bonus perks.

Centralized Bidding Hub

Search for projects with filters and get access to project bidding depending on your location.

Access to Future Projects

Bid on multiple projects nearest you and locate other construction projects.

Planning Software

View and download documents or files to complete projects.

Forge Solid Relationships

  • Network with General Contractors or other Subcontractors around your area.
  • Connect quickly with instant messaging or an email sent through PlanHub software.


“PlanHub is a great service and well worth the money. Their Project Coordinators are well connected feeding me promising leads all of the time. They deal with A-rated companies that actually pay their contractors in a timely manner. I would recommend it to anyone who is in business to develop long-term client relationships.”

Millwood Plumbing

“PlanHub has proven time and time again., I have been awarded over 100 projects totaling well over 5 million dollars since I became a member. You need to bid at least five projects per month and act on the feedback your Project Coordinator gets for you. I would recommend to anyone.”

Nuvolt Electrical

“My company has been using PlanHub for over two years and have had positive results from their services. I have found that of the bid services we use, the personal touch that is supplied to us from PlanHub is excellent. We have also referred a couple of other subs for different trades to them. Always find them to be very professional.”

Architectural Metal and Glass Solutions

Are You Looking for Subcontractor Project Solutions?

Providing you with a simple resource to personalize and manage every project is part of what we do. We want you to reach your goals in order to achieve success. Use PlanHub to search for construction projects in your State.

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